Research Domains

year title Research Domains
2013- Realtime Structural Health Evaluation Technology against Earthquakes and its Applications
2012- Study on the Conservation of Rammed Earth Buildings in the Kingdom of Bhutan The subjects of this research include material test, pull-down test of rammed earth walls, dynamic identification based on dynamic test and structural analysis of rammed earth buildings.
2010- Structural Health Monitoring
2010- Structural stability of Reinforced Concrete Buildings during demolition and/or reduction process Investigation on strain of pipe supports, vibration characters of RC buildings during demolition and/or reduction process.
2004- Dynamic identification and structural safety assessment on historical masonry structures The subjects of this research include dynamic identification based on dynamic test, model updating and the structural safety evaluation of historical masonry structures.
2001-2008 Research of structural restoration for Sanctuary of Vicoforte di Mondovi Investigation of crack pattern, non-destructive tests for reinforcing steel by radar and for location of leakage of water by thermography, and finite element three dimensional analysis are carried out.
2001- Experimental and analytical research of masonry walls In order to establish micro- and macro- analyses of masonry structures, a series of experiments of masonry walls are carried out.
1999- Experimental research of a non-destructive testing method for concrete In order to establish a non-destructive testing method by color for concrete, the relationships between surface color, and water content of mortar, kind of cement, water-cement ratio, curing conditions, age, and mechanical characteristics are investigated.
1996- Experimental research of mortar used for historical masonry structures The repair and maintenance of historical masonry structures which require understanding of fundamental mechanical characteristics of the materials used. A series of experiments on mortar were carried out from the standpoint of conservation of these structures.
1989-1997 Research on the structural restoration of the Hagia Sophia Investigation of crack patterns, measurements of natural frequencies by ambient vibrations, estimation of Young’s modulus for used materials based on dynamic measurements of domes and minarets, and finite element three-dimensional elastic-plastic analyses in cases of dead and earthquake loads were carried out. Based on these investigations, a principle for the structural restoration of the Hagia Sophia was proposed.
1984-1992 Research of Santa Maria del Fiore To clarify the structural characteristics of the dome as a whole, and to define the structural efficiency of the horizontal arches and the wooden ring during and after construction, a series of structural analyses were carried out. In light of the results, some episodes in the building history of the dome acquired a deeper structural significance.
1984-1988 Theoretical research into the elastic-plastic joint element The elastic-plastic joint element by truss elements was proposed to be a critical feature in determine the structural behavior and characteristics of masonry structures. To ensure the effectiveness of the joint element, cases were involving plain concrete under combined stress and soils in which slippage occurs under a footing, were investigated.

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